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The unique properties of polyurethane gives it excellent abrasion resistance and long life flexibility. It is resistant to many oils, solvents and chemicals.

Suitable for the following range of applications:

Mouldings/ Castings

Polyurethane can be processed using either hot or cold casting methods. The tool costs are comparatively low due to the open pour designed moulds. Components can be produced for both small or large quantities. Metal inserts can also be bonded where necessary.

Spray Coating

Coatings can be applied to metals for protection or wear applications. Thin layered coatings for on rollers and wheels or to cover a component with a specific shape. Sprayed mouldings can be produced from custom built formers to make a variety of shapes.

Sheeting, Rods & Blocks

We have a large range of polyurethane cast rod, blocks and sheeting, these are all available in a wide range of colours and hardnesses to suit many applications.

Sheet size (mm): 900 x 3000 Thickness (mm): from 1 upwards

Rod size (mm): 9 up to 100 Length (mm): up to 300

Block size (mm): Various

FDA grades are also available.


Tube: 5 mm up to 12 mm Hardness (shore A): 80 – 90

Solid Cord: 2 mm up to15 mm Hardness (shore A): 80 – 97

Bespoke extrusions can be produced from a drawing or a sample supplied and coiled or finished in straight lengths.

Hardness range (shore A): 80 – 97

Roller & Wheel Covering

Offering a range of high performance polyurethane coatings.

Hardness range: 10 degree shore ‘A’ up to 95 shore ‘D’

(see also Roller and Wheel Covering)


Micro cellular polyurethane is the best hard wearing sponge of its kind. It has excellent resistance to abrasion and has very high impact and tear strength.

Density (kg/m3): 350 to 650